Guy Faget

2014 Hathaway-Ritter Distinguished Achievement Award

lamar meekGuy Faget was the 2014 recipient of the Hathaway-Ritter Distinguished Achievement Award. This award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the cause of mosquito control in Louisiana. It was a double pleasure to be co-announcing for Rod Wells and Randy Vaeth.

Guy was raised in Dickinson, Texas where his father Max Faget was a NASA engineer famously known for developing the unique design of the Mercury Space Capsule.

We all know Guy as a quiet, reserved and very humble individual. Guy does however come from an extremely accomplished family. His grandfather Dr. Guy Henry Faget was the physician that developed the first successful sulfa drug treatment for Hansen's disease. His great, great grandfather Jean Charles Faget was a New Orleans physician know for Faget's Sign. It's an unusual medical sign that is a combination of fever and heart rate. It is still an important diagnostic symptom of yellow fever.

Guy received his bachelors and Master's degrees from LSU. He was Dr. Lamar Meek's first Veterinary Medical Entomology Student. Guy has always been accomplished in a number of different sports. He and his father competed successfully in sailing placing 3rd in a worldwide competition. His trophy case is filled with awards from racquetball. He was the state amateur racquetball champion in 1997. The athleticism required for racquetball comes in very handy for another of Guy's hobbies, collecting butterflies. He has collected butterflies from all over the US and the Caribbean.

With all that he was accomplishing personally and professionally, he still wasn't satisfied with his success. There was something else he wanted to achieve, not only to contribute to the success of the district, but also because he always wanted to do it. FLY! So he took flying lessons on his own time, and then took a leave of absence in the summer and set off to Dallas, Texas for certification qualifications with Delta Airlines. This was another personal achievement thatwould also be of enormous benefit to the program at EBRPMARC. To this date, Guy is the only Entomologist/Pilot in mosquito control in the US.

Guy retired from full time work with EBRPMARC after 30 years in 2010. However, he came back to work part-time as an entomologist and pilot. He also flies for Tangipahoa Parish and works as a contract pilot with VDCI.

Guy has been a member of the AMCA for over twenty years and was elected to the LMCA Board of Directors in 1999. He served four terms on the BOD and always dedicated his time and expertise for training others at the LMCA Spring Workshop and Annual Meetings. He also served and guided the association as President in 2001.

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