Edgar S. Bordes

1995 Hathaway-Ritter Distinguished Achievement Award

Ed began his work in the world of pest control in 1958 as a part-time summer employee of Superior Pest Control and Custom Fogging. After graduation from LSU, he started his own pest control company and for six years made a living crawling under houses for termite control.

In 1967, Ed changed hats and was hired as entomologist for the Orleans Parish Mosquito Control. Over the year, he rose through the ranks and became its Director in 1986—a position he held for 30 years.

Ed has been a member of the LMCA since 1967. He served at its President in 1989, and as its Treasurer for many years. He also served as the AMCA South Central Regional Director from 1975-1978.

Some of his most significant accomplishments to the industry include the refinement of Ultra Low Volume Aerial Application with Multi-Engine aircraft, the development of an operational pump dispersal system for aerial ULV application, working with NASA to develop ground testing techniques association with remote sensing and has served as a vector and disease control consultant to local and foreign governments. However, the one contribution which Ed is most proud of has been the development and promotion of source reduction and biological control. Through his pursuits in the area, biological agents such as Toxorhynchites, Menidia beryllinia (Inland silverside minnow), Pseudemsy scripta (slider turtle), cyclopoid copepods and Chlorella protothecoides (larvicidal algae) have been studied, developed and used in his integrated mosquito management approach. Success with these strategies has encouraged programs elsewhere to begin implementing these strategies within their operations.

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