Lucas Terracina

2007 Hathaway-Ritter Distinguished Achievement Award

Lucas TerracinaTerracina began his career in mosquito control with Calcasieu Parish in 1976 following his graduation from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in December of 1975.  He has worked for the mosquito control unit for the past 33 years, serving as Director of the program since 1980.

He has been a member of LMCA since 1979, serving on its Board of Directors for 26 of those years, and was elected President of the Association twice (1983 & 2006).  Some highlights of his service include being the first LMCA representative appointed to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture Advisory Commission on Pesticides (serving from 1983-1992), representing LMCA and the South Central Region of the U.S. as Regional Director of the American Mosquito Control Association (1995-2000) and being co-editor of the LMCA Newsletter since 1986.  There have been numerous other committees that he has served or chaired during his tenure of service.

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