Viki Taylor

2015 Hathaway-Ritter Distinguished Achievement Award

Viki Taylor

The Hathaway-Ritter award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the cause of mosquito control in Louisiana. At the 2015 LMCA annual meeting banquet we honored the extraordinary contributions of Viki Taylor with this award.

Viki has worked as an Entomologist at the St. Tammany Parish Mosquito Abatement District for the past 36 years. During this time she has had an incredible impact on improving operational mosquito control in St. Tammany and more broadly in Louisiana. Viki's commitment to teaching has been evident through the years in countless LMCA workshops and more recently the New Orleans Mosquito Control Academies.

She has given tirelessly in various LMCA committees, including as a member of the LMCA Board of Directors from 1982-1985 and as a member of the state Pesticide Advisory Committee. She has served on several LMCA committees including, as:

  • Chair - Program Committee
  • Chair - Technical Advisory Committee
  • Local Arrangements Committee
  • Tire Disposal Committee
  • Annual Meeting Committee
  • Government Liaison Committee
  • Certification Committee

Perhaps her greatest contribution has been her presentations at the LMCA Annual Meetings throughout the years. In nearly every year since 1982 Viki has given a talk at the annual meeting. The operational knowledge of mosquito control and the commitment to improving its practice in our state is evident throughout these presentations and has likely impacted all of our practices of pest management through the years.

We know and respect Viki for her professionalism and service, but we also know Viki by her smile and laughter. We know her as a mentor, a friend, a spouse and a mother. Viki, thank you for your service to LMCA and mosquito control in general, and for living your life as an exceptional example of living gracefully. You inspire us every day to match your commitment and your spirit.

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