Wilmer J. Schulte

2000 Hathaway-Ritter Distinguished Achievement Award

Wil began his career as an aide in the New Orleans office of LMCA around 1961 working under Charlie Anderson and Dr. Hathaway. In 1964, when the New Orleans Mosquito Control was formed, Wil became one of their first employees. St. Bernard Parish was organized around 1966 and Wil was appointed as Director. He held that position for over 40 years. This made him the longest continuous serving director of a mosquito control program in Louisiana and one of the longest in the United States.

Among his accomplishments was the development of the Teflon-slide droplet sampling technique. He also pioneered in ULV ground application, being one of the first programs in the US to go fully operational with ground ULV.

Wil always worked out of the limelight, with small budgets and staff. In spite of these obstacles, the citizens of St. Bernard received a high level of relief from mosquitoes due to Wil’s hard work and ingenuity.

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